IOTA Poster

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Limited edition IOTA poster.

IOTA is a cryptocurrency. Find out more about it here: What is IOTA?

IOTA aims at solving trust issues on a global scale. Trust has always been a major concern in human interaction. The oldest form I know of is the ancient tradition of giving presents. I give you something and in return you give me something back. A successful interaction of this kind establishes trust and improves the relationships within a community. This is the reason why in most cultures gift giving plays an important role.

Fomerly relied upon middle men have proven to be unreliable. On many layers the financial crisis of 2008 has transcended into a gift. It looks like we can connect in much more transparent and tamperfree ways – practically on eye level. Imho the IOTA foundation is on a great way to achieving this goal. Since watching the first Star Wars Movie in a cinema in San Diego at the age of 4, I’ve been waiting for a world like the one we’re evolving into. It’s great to be a part of it.

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